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 Birth and Postnatal Doula                                                                                                       

For Birth and Postnatal

Our first meeting would be informal.  You have the opportunity to ask me anything and to make sure you feel comfortable and confident with me before employing me.
This is Free of Charge.

Antenatal Sessions

If you would prefer to birth without a Doula, we can organise antenatal sessions in your own home, at a time convenient for you. This will include, Practical information, Breathing Technics, What to expect. relaxation, pain relief, and much more. This will be roughly for 2 hours and is also available as a group.

Birth Package

This includes 2/3 meetings depending on your needs.  Day or evening.  Maybe one with your partner, (they may need support to.)

This may include where you would like to have your baby home /hospital/birth centre/water birth.  A chat about Birth physiology, and about you and your partners’ expectations of the birth.  Putting together a birth preference. Go through breathing techniques and how these may help you. Basic massage and labour positions, (with your partner.) Stages of labour/ pain relief. A guide for partners i.e. What to look for in early labour.

Anytime you feel you are in labour feel free to ring me any time night or day. I am on 24 hour call out for you from week 38 to week 42. And I will be with you every step of the way until baby is born and you are all settled. 

Once home I will visit you a couple of times to see how you are doing, answering any question you may have about the birth or breast/bottle feeding.  

Phone calls and emails are included in the package. Extra cost may incur with hospital parking.

 Available to use – TENS machine .relaxation cd’s. Books 

I also take Doula UK Vouchers

(why not ask for them as a gift.)

Payment plan


Postnatal Visits

Has  your baby arrived and you are abit overwhelmed. Is everyone giving you advice, information or not just answering your questions! However feel you do not need a regular Postnatal Doula. Please feel free to ring me for a Postnatal session and have a chat about how you are feeling, what you would like to do however do not have the confidents or are just unsure about things.



Postnatal Doula

You do not have to have had me as your Birth Doula to use this service. You can book me anytime, even after your baby is born. Or as a continuation of your Birth package  

Having a new born can be quite daunting once you get home or once everyone has left after a home birth.

 I do a minimum of 3 hours a couple of days a week more if needed. I offer practical support encouragement and suggestions so that the mother can develop her own mothering skills. Doing light duties around the home ie. Dishwasher, changing water in vases. Putting the vacumm around the place. Generally taking the pressure off little things. You will be amazed what difference it makes. Giving you support whilst breast/bottle feeding or just giving you time to rest and grab a few hours of needed sleep or just that bath you have been longing for.

I will be there for the mother to discuss any concern and issues and generally there to offer a source of information and companionship. Also I can assist in caring for older children if necessary. 


 For more information please do not hesitate to ring me on 07855 766 595. or contact me via my contact page


Closing the Bones Massage 

The mothers body opens in so many ways whilst carrying her child and during the birth itself.,  This is a gentle massage and wrap to help nuture the mother after her journey ..(Please contact for details.)