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Lauren and Ryan 

From the moment we first met Sharon we knew she was going to be the special support we wanted to guide us through our pregnancy and birth. We don't know what we would have done without her and having that support before to ask any questions and right up to the birth put us both at ease. She provided us with the love and care we needed and was a constant guide from the moment the contractions started to the delivery of our little girl. 

We know that if it wasn't for Sharon and supporting us throughout the delivery process, making us do lots of walking and some incredible inside knowledge, we wouldn't have had the wonderful birth we did and little techniques she has, made the world of difference. I know she was the reason we didn't require as much medical support and my husband found her such a reassuring presence, that I often caught them giggling about something and even now have nicknames for one another, which put me at ease throughout the delivery. Without a doubt when it comes to having another baby, Sharon will definitely be our Doula again and we hold her very close in our hearts for what was one of the most special moments for our family and one we hold as a wonderful memory. 

Naomi Quade                               

I had a very long and traumatic labour with the birth of my first daughter so was very apprehensive approaching the birth of my second child. We didn’t decide to use a doula until a matter of weeks before my due date and I wasn't completely sure if having another person in the room with me during labour would stress me out even more! However I am now a complete convert!! With Sharon I immediately felt relaxed and confident that I would be looked after and my choices would be listened to without judgement. I had the most relaxed birth experience with Sharon by my side and it could not have been more different to first time around. 

My waters broke while we were all eating dinner in Sainsburys café whilst trying to avoid induction and my baby was born naturally only 4 hours later. I truly believe that having Sharon there to help me breathe through the contractions made the labour both easier and quicker. My husband also said she gave him the confidence that he was doing the right things. I think that all this helped keep us calm and resulted in a completely different labour and birth experience. I feel so much better physically and emotionally after this labour and large part of that is down to the help and support of Sharon. If we ever decide to have baby no 3 I will be asking Sharon to be by my side!

Baby Girl - Natural Birth Nov.


Victoria May

Whilst being pregnant with my son Mason I had lots of fears and worries of what was to come with the birth and becoming a Mum but Sharon was there on hand to calm me down and reassure me through every step. Sharon explains in detail what could and dose happen during labour which made me feel really at ease and in control. Sharon is never to busy to answer a question however silly they are, believe me I had lots!!!!!. I really don't know how me and my partner would have coped with out you, I really can't say thank you enough, you are a god send!!!!

Baby Boy - Water Birth January


Zoë Norburne

We had our first daughter in 2009, and I ended up having a distressing labour which ended with an emergency C section.
Second time around I wanted to use the services of a Doula. I had a look online and found Sharon. When Sharon visited our house my husband and I knew that we wanted to have her on this journey with us. We didn’t feel the need to meet anyone else.
She gave fabulous advice and tips prior to labour and I instantly felt calmer and reassured knowing that she would be with us throughout the entire labour. Before meeting Sharon I had felt anxious thinking that I could only ever have another C section (which I did not want!)
Well, the second birth couldn’t have been more different to the first! I had an extremely quick natural birth (less than 3 hours from start to finish!) and I believe Sharon, together with what I learnt on a Hypnobirthing course, played a part in making that happen. The labour and birth was everything I’d ever dreamed of. So straight forward and easy (if it can ever be described as that!)
Thank you Sharon for your advice, a shoulder to bite on! (during labour I might add!!) and having you as a new friend. Baby Thea (and big sister Venetia) looks forward to getting to know you.

Zoë xxx

Baby Girl - C Section 16th February
Baby Girl - natural birth 20th December

Sian Norrington

When I was pregnant with my little boy Ben I was very apprehensive – not so much about the birth, but the support (or lack of) afterwards.

Sharon was recommended to me and as soon as I met her I felt at ease. So naturally caring, reassuring and positive, I didn't meet any other Doulas – my husband and I connected with Sharon straight away, so we didn't need to.

At the time of that first meeting I couldn't have imagined how much help and support Sharon would be to our new family over the coming months, especially as I had a few physical challenges after the birth!

My son has been content from day one and put this down to the fact that we were both looked after so well by a truly lovely lady!



Joanne Parker

Sharon was there for me for the birth of my daughter Emily in July 2008 and I couldn't have done it without her. My first two children were born many years earlier and I had opted for an epidural with both and really didn't have a clue about what i was doing. so when I fell pregnant with Emily I wanted to do things differently, and Sharon helped me have a calm and natural birth with no epidural and it was the best experience I could have asked for. She was there to answer any questions I had and put me at ease with what was going on. I think my husband appreciated her being there as well as she put him at ease too.

I have just had another baby Rebecca and again she was there for us and again the birth was all I could have hoped for.

I would recommend Sharon whole heartedly as she is a wonderful doula.

I cant thank you enough Sharon you are great. :)

Joanne xxxxxx

Baby girl natural birth 7th July
Baby girl natural birth 17th March


Penny O'Connor



I couldn't have done it without you the first time, now fingers crossed that this one will be as good as the first! I'm sure it will be!!

You're the best at what you do, Sharon, the difference you make to so many woman is unmeasurable.

Pen xx

Baby Girl - natural birth 30th June
Bump due 16th April

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